Mount Panorma Circuit, Bathurst Mount Panorama

Mount Panorma Circuit, Bathurst Mount Panorama layout
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Track description

Length: 3.86 mi

  • 49˚
  • Partly Cloudy

Possible drizzle tomorrow and Thursday, with high temperatures rising to 57°F next Tuesday.

Bathurst's Mount Panorama Circuit owes its existence to one man’s enthusiasm. Back in 1938, Bathurst Mayor Martin Griffin managed to attract Federal funds aimed at relieving unemployment via the ruse of creating a scenic road for tourists. Although being a home for many different racing competitions, Mount Panorama became widely known for the Bathurst 1000, a domestic touring car series with its October 1000km event.
In spite of its worldwide fame as a racing circuit, Mount Panorama remains in its public roads, used to access the numerous homes, farms and other properties located alongside it. On non-race days cars can drive in both directions around the circuit for no charge but there is a strict speed limit of 60 km/h (37 mph) and police regularly patrol the circuit to enforce it.

  • Mount Panorma Circuit, Mountain Straight, Bathurst, NSW 2795, Australia
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